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Department of Modern Languages

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You are welcome at the Department of English Language and Literature which combines knowledge and quality. The first spark of this department started at the same moment of bringing up the idea of this college to come true on reality.
The department began its mission by preparing qualified students with Diploma degree in English language and Literature. Later on, the department extended its programmes to Bachelor Degree in the same major. As English language is the global medium of communication among the communities, studies went on to start a new major that helps in meeting the needs of the job market. This idea led to start a programme in English Language and Translation which intended to teach the students the modern technologies of translation. 
The department offers varied courses that include different subjects which can help in developing the students’ outcomes as well as improving their language skills. The cultural, educational and literary nature of the courses contents pave the way to create a solid student who can take the responsibility in flourishing the society and transferring its deep-rooted culture to the world.
Finally, I would like to thank all those who participated in developing the department’s website and the visitors as well for their interest in browsing it and planning to join us. I hope the visitor can find enough information about the department, its vision, mission, values and objectives.

Dr. Aysha Abda