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College Deanship


College Deanship

Dr. Musallam bin Ali bin Salim Al Mani
Dean of Al Zahra College for Women

It is my great honor, while our dear-to-the-heart Sultanate of Oman enjoys a renewed renaissance with vigorous artistic and intellectual activity under the wise leadership of HM Sultan Haitham bin Tarik (May Allah bestow his blessings on him), to join Al Zahra College for Women (ZCW), the oldest private higher education institution in Oman, as its dean.
While the seeds of ZCW were sown by its great founders back in 1999, it is today we reap the best edible fruits of an educational deep-rooted tree with a solid plant axis that develops peerless buds and shoots. Eminently pleasing female persons have since attained degrees from this college, having exactly the talents and skills that enable them to enter the job market. As education has now expanded over all of Oman, the road is still having greater length than what one expects to reach a climax in knowledge which cannot be gained without constantly, regularly and habitually being engaged in energetic work. Students can only attain the noble ends with the possession of successful knowledge acquisition, critical thinking and higher thinking skills. The seeds of such skills have long been set and sown in ZCW ground and watered with a stream of pure knowledge that is free from dirt or taint and unmixed with any other matter.

Since it is the students’ responsibility to attain knowledge, I would like to seize the opportunity to wholeheartedly call upon all students to devote serious effort and energy. To this end, ZCW has provided with kindly and magnanimous spirit caliber faculty as well as necessary moral and physical infrastructure that is based on sound scientific foundations, taking its origins from our noble teachings of Islam which, from the first day of its inception, has exhorted people to seek knowledge on the first Surah, Iqra, literally means “read” communicated to Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him.

However, ZCW is in the process of undergoing radical changes to its academic programs while maintaining, without interruption, cooperation with partners within the Sultanate and beyond, assuring programs quality and conforming to Oman Vision 2040. What distinguishes ZCW from the rest of the private higher education institutions in Oman is that it is the only female college. It is marked by affection, gratitude, cordiality and sympathy to female students, ensuring that its vision, mission and objectives are fulfilled to always remain a luminous body shining in the sky of Oman. May Almighty Allah bless and invoke divine care for ZCW students.