Administrative Departments

Student Affairs



  1. The Clinic: The clinic provides immediate health care for the students.  It is equipped with a nurse and the necessary medical tools and equipment to serve and help students in case any health emergency occures while they are in the college.
phone 24511889

2- Cafeteria: The cafeteria offers a variety of meals at reasonable prices. It takes into account all health and safety measures, and keeps pace with different tastes. Snacks, canned juices, tea and coffee are available to cover the needs of students during the study period.

3- Bookshop: This provides the neccessary stationery for students, as well as some services such as  printing and  copying papers at reasonable prices.

4- The prayer room: An appropriately equipped facility for performing worship. It contains washbasins specialized for ablution. It is available for the students while they are in the college.