Information Technology

Department of Information Technology


Department of Information Technology

HoD Message

Welcome all to the department of Information Technology at Al-Zahra College for Women. As we work hard to provide a high-end educational environment that is attractive and stimulating for learning, thinking, production and innovation. The Information Technology Department has started since the establishment of Al-Zahra College for Women in 1999, with five other academic departments.

The program includes a Diploma in Computer Science and two Bachelor's programs, which are Computer Science and Software Engineering Science.

 The department seeks to develop students’ critical thinking, provide them with technical and craft skills, and qualify them scientifically and cognitively by creating an integrated educational environment that motivates students to have positive educational attainment and creative thinking. It enhances their technical and analytical abilities in order to contribute to the realization of Oman vision 2040. This is by providing students with the necessary knowledge tools to be qualified in meeting the needs of the Omani society and the requirements of the labor market in Information Technology.

The Information Technology Department includes a distinguished elite of professors, graduates of reputable international universities, with academic and practical experiences, qualifications, and high scientific ranks in the field of Computer Science and Software Engineering. They are able to keep pace with modern global trends in the field of Information Technology and modify the curricula and study plans.

The department also derives the support that it may need to run the educational programs in the department from the Faculty of Information Technology at Al-Ahliyya Amman University, as there is an academic link between them in terms of providing scientific references and an electronic access to the e-library of Al-Ahliyya Amman University.

Dear students, we would be honored to have you in the Department of Information Technology.  Together, we can build a brighter future. I wish you success in your second home.


Dr. Hamed Majid Alhajri