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Tution fees



ZCW Fee Discounts

The college offers fee discounts (only on the study hours) within the allocations approved for this purpose for the following categories:
  1. Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation as per the signed agreement.
  2. Orphans (Diploma & Bachelor) 15%.
  3. Social Welfare Students (Diploma & Bachelor) 15%.
  4. Academically distinct students (Diploma & Bachelor) 50% (the student is given the discount based on her result on the second semester, with the condition that she archives the top rank with distinction).
  5. College Shareholders Daughters (Diploma, Bachelor & Masters) 30%.
  6. College Staff Daughters (Bachelor & Masters) 50%.
  7. College Staff (Bachelor & Masters) 50% (under Article 10 of the college’s tuition fees discount laws).
  8. Daughters of Armed Forces and Police Employees whose salary is less than 1000 OMR (Diploma & Bachelor) 10%.
  9. Daughters of Ex-Militaries whose retirement salary is less than 700 OMR (Diploma & Bachelor) 10%.