The Vision, Mission, Goals, and Valuees of the Department's


The Vision, Mission, Goals, and Valuees of the Department's

The Law Department of Zahra College for Girls works with an ambitious vision emanating from the vision of the college, which is to achieve its mission by graduating educated students who use their potential to the fullest, to build Omani society through job opportunities with a global perspective.

The department's message in this context is that the department seeks to preserve and add to what has been achieved. Providing unique learning opportunities suitable for a promising career, interest in intellectual development, expression and personality building, as well as enhancing the sense of confidence among students and elevating distinct qualities.

The rights section aims to:

  1. Meet the need of the local market by supporting it with competent cadres characterized by good use of English.
  2. Designing the curriculum to meet the needs of the labor market or in accordance with the requirements of administrative management and can even be developed in accordance with the requests and proposals of businessmen suing for legal services.
  3. Strengthening channels of communication with the corresponding sections regionally, Arably and internationally.
  4. Graduation of a good quality of graduates, balanced by the high level of their legal and cultural culture in the field of humanities supporting legal thought.
  5. Encouraging scientific research in the field of legal studies and providing adequate explanations of legislation in Oman.
  6. Contributing to the development of legislation in The Sultanate and its modernization to keep pace with the rapid development that is witnessing Omani society
  7. To contribute to raising the level of law in Oman by linking Zahra College for Girls with the local community and using outstanding competencies and expertise, by sending distinguished graduates to complete their higher studies.
  8. To cover the development needs of the state and the region in whole or in part by providing a legal component with high professional characteristics designed to meet the requirements of the labor market.
  9. Building the unique personality of the student with knowledge, thought and creation in the manner of good example and arming him with the skills of the creative profession (such as thinking, analysis, criticism, inference, fulfilling the completion dates, working and others).
  10. Using theoretical legal information and applying it to practical cases.


  1. Academic integrity
  2. Professional and ethical behavior
  3. Teamwork and collaboration
  4. Transparency and accountability
  5. Adherence to Islamic values
  6. Respect for different cultures