English Language and Translation
The Vision, Mission, Goals, and Valuees of the Department's


The Vision, Mission, Goals, and Valuees of the Department's

To provide unique learning opportunities, gain valuable insight into careers, foster intellectual growth, individual expression and character development, and to instill a sense of confidence among students to heighten their proficiency in the language. The mission of the English Department goes further to advance scholarship, promote creative learning and teach through a variety of sources.

The Department of English Language and Literature, seeks to be a leading department ranked among the best English departments nationally and internationally.
To realize this vision, the department seeks to adopt high academic standards of teaching and research to develop an academic environment that would
To this end, the idea of creating partnership with the local community for the sake of mutual benefit has been given serious consideration.

The programme prepares students to:
1-Responding to the local job market needs by providing graduates able to use English skillfully. 
2-Promoting creative thinking through teaching literary courses and translation.
3-Developing students' English communication skills through ample training in listening, speaking, reading and writing in real everyday life situations.
4-Developing teaching staff members' abilities in research, fact finding and use of modern educational technologies. 
5-Establishing links with the local community to promote a kind of partnership useful for both sides. 
6-Developing and updating teaching curricula. 
7-Inviting distinguished teaching staff members to work at the Department


  1. Academic Integrity
  2. Professional and ethical behavior
  3. Teamwork and cooperation
  4. Transparency and accountability
  5. Adherence to Islamic values
  6. Respect for diversity