Quality Assurance
Department's terms of reference


Department's terms of reference

1. Prepare the general policy for quality assurance in the college, submit it to the college council for approval, and follow up on its implementation after its approval.
 2. Prepare the strategic plan for the college and present it to the college council for approval, ratify it by the board of directors and the board of trustees, follow up on the implementation of the strategic plans, and report it to the college board.
 3. Check that the college meets quality assurance standards.
 4. Collect detailed statistical data on all the activities of the college and present them to the college council to take what it deems appropriate
 5. Provide statistics and data needed by the competent authorities inside and outside the college.
 6. Supervise the training programs (by coordinating with the competent authorities in the college in the field of statistics and statistical surveys).
 7. Suggest appropriate suggestions to develop administrative work in the college.
 8. Contribute to the preparation of policies, procedures, and models that guarantee the application of quality assurance standards, and work to constantly review and improve them.
 9. Oversee the preparation of periodic accreditation and audit reports and follow up on the work of the committees that prepare them before finalizing them.
 10. Provide suggestions to all departments of the college and help them to develop work for the purpose of obtaining high-quality results.
 11. Any other duties assigned to the department within the specialty.