Academic Programs

The Vision, Mission, Goals, and Values of the Program


The Vision, Mission, Goals, and Values of the Program


Initiating new MBA programs so as to establish a distinguished department for higher studies in the college.


Preparing specialized and highly qualified graduates in the fields of finance and business, and empowering them to occupy middle and high administrative positions at private and public organizations and undertake scientific researches that contribute in the overall development as well as building effective community cooperation locally and regionally.


  1. Prepare qualified students to pursue their higher education and be able to assume senior management positions.
  2. Enable students to develop the rationale for scientific research by linking research hypotheses, descriptive and quantitative analysis of data and information linked to the findings and recommendations.
  3. Promote the values and ethics of administrative performance in all related fields within business environment, which would contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the organizations where the graduates will work.
  4. Develop skills in integrating business knowledge necessary to perform as management professionals in a globalized business environment.
  5. Provide the necessary technical and analytical skills for effective decision making.


1. Academic Integrity.

2. Professionalism and Ethical Conduct.

3. Teamwork and Cooperation.

4. Transparency and Accountability.

5. Respect for Diversity.