Graphical & Interior Design
Vision and Mission


Vision and Mission


To prepare graphic designers who are able to cope with the creative and technological development of the world of design, enrich optical communication in the local society and stimulate scientific research and ongoing education as well as to keep up with developments in the fields of specialization.


  • To provide stimulating educational and learning environment to release the creative talents of students.
  • To prepare graphic designers who are able to deal with the variables of designing process in a highly professional manner.
  • To encourage graduates to have distinct artistic personality as well as self education capabilities.
  • To attract students with distinguished artistic skills.
  • To develop study plans and keep up with scientific and technological developments and the needs of the community.
  • To consolidate artistic and cultural Omani identity and interaction with the heritage of the nation.
  • To stimulate an education of scientific research and knowledge advancement.
  • To link the specialization with scientific and artistic developments and to establish partnerships with distinguished local and Arab scientific and artistic centers.
  • To develop programs and specializations to cope with scientific and technological developments and with the requirements of the local and Arab market.
  • To develop both academic and administrative abilities and skills.
  • To create suitable functional environment to attract distinguished academic staff members.