Admission and Registration

Tution fees
Tution fees


Tution fees





All tuition fees for the semester must be paid upon registration and may be divided as the following:

  1. 30% of tuition fees upon registration.
  2. 30% before attending the first exam (midterm).
  3. 40% before attending the final exam.

Note: the student will not be able to view her grades unless tuition fees are fully paid. 

New Students Financial Schemes

Self-sponsored students (students studying on their own expense):

  1. The student pays a total amount of 155 OMR for registration, insurance, and graduation.
  2. Deferment and withdrawal requests will not be granted until all dues are paid.
  3. An amount of 55 OMR will be refunded if the student withdrawals for any reason before the beginning of the academic semester.

Fee Discounts

The college offers fee discounts (only on the study hours) within the allocations approved for this purpose for the following categories:

  1. Orphans (Diploma & Bachelor) 15%.
  2. Social Welfare Students (Diploma & Bachelor) 15%.
  3. Academically distinct students (Diploma & Bachelor) 50% (the student is given the discount based on her result on the second semester, with the condition that she archives the top rank with distinction).
  4. College Shareholders Daughters (Diploma, Bachelor & Masters) 30%.
  5. College Staff Daughters (Bachelor & Masters) 50%.
  6. College Staff (Bachelor & Masters) 50% (under Article 10 of the college’s tuition fees discount laws).
  7. Daughters of Armed Forces and Police Employees whose salary is less than 1000 OMR (Diploma & Bachelor) 10%.
  8. Daughters of Ex-Militaries whose retirement salaries is less than 700 OMR (Diploma & Bachelor) 10%.

Conditions for Granting Study Discounts

  1. Fulfilment of all admission requirements.
  2. The student must not be covered by any other grants or additional discounts by the college.
  3. If the student is eligible for more than one grant/discount, she is offered the highest.
  4. The grant/discount is canceled in case the condition, in which the grant/discount was given to the student, changes.