Admission Requirements:
1.  Omani General Diploma or its equivalent with 50% minimum average.
2.  Certificates issued outside the Sultanate must be accredited by the Ministry.

Required Documents for Admission:
1. Original copy of General Diploma or its equivalent.
2. Two (2) personal photos.
3. Copy of the I.D card of both sides.
4. Copy of the civil affairs card and passport (for non-Omanis).
5. Copy of the guardian's I.D card or passport.
6. Testimonial of Conduct issued by the last school attended.
7. Copy of the Social Welfare card and the bank account number for the sponsored students.
8. Official undertaking of approval from the employer (if applicant is an employee).
Admission Requirements for MBA:
1. Applicants must have a BA degree or its equivalent from a recognized university, with not less than - good - GPA (68%)
2. The BA should be in the area of specialization or relevant areas.
3. Applicant must have earned a BA as a regular student.
4. Specific number of seats (not more than 20% of the total admission quota)
will be allocated to applicants with pass grade under the following conditions:
4.1- Student should study (3) courses from the MBA program (assigned by the Department) during the first semester.
4.2- The (3) courses will be taught to all students admitted in the program.
4.3- Student with pass grade must obtain a minimum of (70%) in each course and the GPA of these three courses must be a minimum of 75% to be considered a regular student in the program.
4.4- If student meets item (4.3), the three courses from her study plan will be credited to her.
4.5- If student does not meet item (4.3), she will be dismissed from the program.
5. If applicant holds a BA in a field other than the broad field of specialization, she must study (6) remedial courses. Courses related to the specialization can be equated.
6. Applicants with work experience are given priority.
7. Applicant must submit a TOEFL or IELTS as follows:
A. IELTS score of (6) or its equivalent.
B. Students who had already studied their Bas in English are excluded from (A), provided that they submit a certificate of a TOEFL PBT with a score of no less than equivalence (The Affiliation University’s condition).
8. Applicants for the program are interviewed by the Department postgraduate committee.
Required Documents for MBA:
1. Certified copy of BA Certificate
2. Student transcript
3. TOEFL or IELTS Certificate
4. Student ID card and passport (Copy)
5. Guardian ID card (copy)
6. Curriculum Vitae
7. Experience Certificate
8. (4) personal photos
9. A written pledge of approval from employer, if applicant is an employee

Remarks Visual
Hearing & Motor
- The student is interviewed when
she chooses Computer Sciences and Software Engineering Sciences programs to ensure her capabilities in the field of information technology.
- The student is subject to an interview to determine her specific needs before accepting her.
Yes No Yes - Business Administration
- Financial and Banking Sciences
- Accounting
No Yes Yes - Graphic Design
No Yes Yes -Interior Design
Yes No Yes - English Language &Literature
Yes No Yes - English Language & Translation
Yes No Yes - Computer Science
Yes No Yes - Software Engineering
Yes No Yes - Law