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Vision and Mission


Vision and Mission

The Foundation Program is set as an essential requirement for all higher education students prior to joining their respective programs. The Foundation Program is educational in a sense that it prepares students for higher learning and equips them with the necessary intellectual and social skills so much necessary for their success in higher education. The Program focuses on the English Language skills, Mathematics, IT and Study Skills.


 (The Department of the General Foundation Programme (GFP) adopts the College’s vision.) 

Al Zahra College for Women aspires to being one of the reputable Higher Education Institutions for the education of women in the Sultanate of Oman, the region and internationally. 


To empower students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and study strategies through a competitive, high quality programme; to prepare students academically and psychologically for university education efficiently and effectively; to enhance academic staff competence by providing input about the latest developments in the field of teaching and supervision; and to actively engender student involvement with local organizations and society at large 

Objectives of GFP at ZCW 

The major objective of the GFP is to help students to meet the prescribed learning outcomes- as recommended by the OAAA in four areas of learning: English Language, Mathematics, Computing and General Study Skills. The programme adapts, refines and enhances the English skills that the student has learnt at school to match the rigors of academia. It also helps students to prepare themselves for the advanced materials of their future specializations. This is achieved through effective and well-designed teaching materials using latest teaching methodologies through lectures, discussions and problem solving sessions, assignments with due dates, lab practices etc. Student centred learning approach is adopted in classes with less teacher talk time. Teachers follow common course materials, for practice and maintain comparable pace in covering course material to maintain unified teaching methodology. Teachers use a variety of teaching techniques and adopt different strategies to cater for the interests and needs of their students. All teaching practices are aligned with communicative language teaching. Computer assisted teaching and learning has been incorporated into every facet of the GFP course materials in an efficient and stimulating way. Moreover, GFP assessments are always designed to determine whether or not the student meets the prescribed learning outcomes. The GFP provides extra-curricular activities to strengthen students’ talents, competitive initiatives and foster community engagements through Student Club.

Values: (The GFP adopts the College’s values)

  1. Academic integrity. 
  2. Professionalism and ethical conduct. 
  3. Team work and cooperation. 
  4. Transparency and accountability. 
  5. Adherence to Islamic values. 
  6. Respect for diversity.