About ZCW

Vision, Mission and Values


Vision, Mission and Values

ZCW Vision

Al Zahra College for Women aspires to be a pioneering university college locally, regionally, and internationally, providing a sustainable knowledge-based environment that fosters innovation and creativity, and emerges as the first choice in students’ consciousness.

ZCW Mission

Al Zahra College for Women aims to offer high-quality academic programs that prepare qualified students equipped with leadership and entrepreneurship skills, enable them to work autonomously, or engage efficiently in the labor market to contribute positively to the community.

ZCW Goals

1- Promoting institutional work

2- Enhancing academic standards and quality education

3- Developing infrastructure and e-learning services

4- Updating academic programs to meet the requirements of community and labor market

5- Spreading the culture of entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity

6- Attracting outstanding academic staff by developing recruitment and retention policies

7- Adopting academic and research-based initiatives to boost the College reputation and status

8- Establishing collaboration with the local, regional, and international communities

9- Diversifying the financial resources and maintaining their sustainability

ZCW Values

1- Professionalism and Teamwork

2- Academic Integrity

3- Excellence, Innovation and Creativity

4- Transparency and Accountability

5- Upholding Ethical Values

6- Tolerance and Respect for Other Cultures