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College Deanship


College Deanship

Dr. Amer Al-Mohammed Al-Abdullah

Dr. Amer Al-Mohammed Al-Abdullah

Acting Dean of Al Zahra College for Women

Bismi-Allah al-Rahman al-Rraheem 

Welcome to Al-Zahra College for Women, the College that was established in 1999 in academic affiliation with Al-Ahliyya Amman University as the first higher education institution specialized for women only, to become later a distinguished educational monument that contributes to the comprehensive renaissance called for by his Majesty, Sultan Qaboos – May Allah protect him - 

The College offers a number of leading academic disciplines that cater to the labour market needs through the various academic programs in the fields of Management Sciences (Business Administration, Accounting, Finance and Banking), English Language (Literature and Translation), Information Technology (Computer Sciences and Software Engineering), Design (Graphic and Interior Design) and Law, as well as the Foundation Program, which trains new students in English, mathematics and computer skills and study skills in order to engage in the academic disciplines they have already chosen. 

The College has also taken an important step in the field of postgraduate programs to meet the needs of the labor market. It has started the MBA program, and it looks forward to the development of new MA programs in the fields of Law, Finance and English language, and the initiation of business entrepreneurship center. 

In order to achieve excellence and leadership, the College has sought to attract qualified teaching staff in different fields. It provides all material and immaterial resources that help the faculty members to perform their academic mission in the best possible way. 

In support of the academic process, the College is also keen to provide specialized administrative staff members with high levels of competence in various administrative and logistic domains in order to ensure administrative management in the College away from routine and bureaucracy. 

By the will of Allah, the first priority that will be highlighted this year is to obtain academic accreditation, as it is important in achieving the quality of education and upgrading the College to an advanced level among other higher education institutions in the Sultanate. 

The College also looks forward to contributing effectively to the community and to building outstanding community partnerships, taking into account the value system of the Omani society, which is based on Islamic principles. Likewise, as the educational process to enlighten generations is a supreme message in which the College believes, we will work to provide an environment conducive to the educational process with sincerity and honesty to enable our students to achieve the highest degrees of scientific qualification enhanced by the spirit of belonging to this generous country. 

Finally, my colleagues in the academic and administrative bodies and I do our best as one team with one clear vision, goals to harness all available resources to achieve the College vision, mission, goals and values. 

May Allah bestow on us help and guidance